About HWCF

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HWCF is a group self-insurance fund sponsored by the Alabama Hospital Association and performs in accordance with regulations of the Department of Labor, Workers’ Compensation Division.

HWCF does one thing: Workers’ Compensation Coverage in the State of Alabama. We do this for one line of business: Healthcare. This specialization allows us to understand what is required to control the real cost associated with providing workers’ compensation for the healthcare industry. We recognize that there is a true cost that is much more than contributions paid.

HWCF has returned dividends to Alabama’s healthcare communities since 2003. We have issued dividends to HWCF members for the sixth year in a row. We are especially proud that our financial strength allows us to reward our members in this fashion. The financial strength of HWCF is a testament to the dedication and commitment of the Board of Trustees, management and staff.

We have a dedicated professional staff of approximately 37 individuals. This staff encompasses: administration, legal, underwriting, claims management, risk management, accounting and computer support, each of whom is committed to providing unparalled service and maintaining a successful workers’ compensation program.